Alternative point of view

I watched a follow-up ‘Story’ (current affairs) program on TV this evening. They interviewed a young man, (22 yrs) who grew up in a small town in NZs North Island, that has a high level of illegal drug use. These issues were raised.. (Alternative point of view) :

1) Meth/P is often more available than cannabis (‘weed’).. just a phone call can procure it

2) In most of NZ about 23% of people use cannabis, BUT in this town it was about 62% (from a survey of 166 people)

3) In ‘small town NZ’ illegal drug use is higher, because unemployment is generally higher too

4) The laws in NZ are made by ‘middle-aged white men’ who have little real understanding of the issues

5) Those with greater ‘street knowledge/experience’ are overlooked & ignored on the issues. It is time that the law-makers started to listen

The show hosts, said at the end of the brief news item..that whilst there is a mood for change, it will likely move very slowly in NZ (under the current administration).

I agree.. it is time that the Govt./’power brokers’ took off their blinkers & started to look more broadly :/

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