How ridiculous

Watching the TV news item yesterday (my last post) & others.. I hear that terminally ill patients in Aotearoa/NZ can get prescription opiates/morphine (as they require), BUT unless they jump through several hoops.. Cannabis is unavailable (illegal). All I can say is “How Ridiculous !”

Surely a terminally ill person (cancer etc.) should be allowed to be prescribed any analgesic pain-killer that their doctor, thinks is beneficial ?
The minister has even said; he would hope that Police do not arrest/prosecute genuine medicinal users, BUT he & his Govt. seem unwilling to reform the laws to allow it. WHY ?

Aotearoa/NZ is really looking like we are stuck in 20th century on this. I actually think that there could be ‘more powerful’ people pulling the Govt. & this minister’s strings (Big Pharma. ?)

I look at other similar OECD countries: Canada, USA, Australia, several in EU etc. They all seem capable of reforms to allow their people to access a wide range of cannabinoid drugs, including the ‘raw herb’. Something just seems to be missing OR maybe being covered up here !? Currently only Sativex is available.. only if approved at the highest level. It costs over $1000/month (more expensive than buying it illegally from the black-market.)
The ministry of Health does have the authority to issue, terminally ill patients an exemption (card) to prevent any possibility of prosecution.. BUT they refuse. I again; call on this minister to “PLEASE EXPLAIN” :/

Politicians in NZ have said in the past that they cannot reform the drug laws because the U.N. conventions will not allow it.. this is 100% pure B-S. The opening preamble statement clearly says ‘Medicinal & scientific uses are not to be prohibited/banned’ (paraphrase) & another clause allows industrial (Hemp) uses. Many countries in the pacific rim are about to sign the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement).. trade deal. I wonder what impact this may have on the pharmaceutical industry.. specifically: medicinal Cannabis drugs ?

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