Opposition Leader says “Law Reform”

I read on a few websites, that the NZ Opposition Leader (Labour Party) says that if they get into power (at 2017 election) they will reform the current drug laws, to allow further access to medicinal cannabis. A press release says :

‘Labour leader (name removed) sits down with political editor (name removed) and asks the big question on marijuana decriminalisation.’

‘Labour will legislate for medicinal cannabis “pretty quickly” after taking office, leader (name removed) has confirmed.’
‘(the Leader) said cannabis products should be available to anyone suffering chronic pain or a terminal condition if their GP signed off on it.’

‘Labour MP (name removed) has drafted a bill for Parliament that would shift the onus of decision making on medicinal cannabis away from the minister to GPs and medical professionals.’

The report continues :

‘In a wide ranging Facebook Live interview with Stuff on Wednesday, (the Leader) said Labour would pass (the Labour MPs) law “pretty quickly” after the next election, should it win.’

‘But on the wider issue of decriminalising cannabis, he wanted to see more evidence.’

“I don’t have a moral thing about recreational drugs… my own experience of dealing with it as an issue was when I was a union lawyer, when employers started to do drug and alcohol testing and I did a lot of work on that.”

“The medical evidence that came back to me overwhelmingly was that a lot of the cannabis available in New Zealand had very high THC (mind altering substance tetrahydrocannabinol) levels. For brains that are still developing in their late teens and early 20s cannabis use even to a modest degree can still cause long term brain damage. So I’d want to know we are addressing that real risk to that issue.”

The party leader added this:
“There is a mood shift, there’s a changing expectation.”

* I agree with the majority of these statements.. more positive than the current Right-wing Govt.; that have effectively ruled out any further law reforms, during the current political term. BUT having said that.. it does seem to be only the tiniest of steps forward, when compared to other OECD countries, that already allow medicinal cannabis & have decriminalised personal use ! :/

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