Misinformed on ‘Marijuana’

I often hear the use of this word ‘Marijuana’.. which seems to be adopted as an ‘official name’ for the Cannabis plant & the drugs from it. BUT the truth is:

1) ‘Marijuana’ (or ‘Marihuana’ USA spelling) is a Mexican slang name ! The main language in Mexico is spanish, but this is not a spanish word.

2) It was pushed into the English language & public psyche, by those who wanted to demonise & prohibit the Cannabis plant.

3) Today this slang name seems to be widely accepted as interchangeable with Cannabis. BUT that’s like saying; the female genitals & the ‘C’ word are also the same.

4) The word ‘Marijuana’ has all the demonised misinformation; of ‘Reefer madness’ still attached to it.

5) I often hear people speaking in support of the plant, using the word: Cannabis.. BUT those vehemently opposed mainly use ‘Marijuana’. This just shows the reality of these two words.. they are not the same thing & do not have the same meaning attached.

6) When the anti-cannabis law in USA was passed in 1937.. it was not called the ‘Cannabis Tax Act’ BUT instead the ‘Marihuana Tax act’ WHY ?

7) Cannabis had been used in Asia for 1000s of years for its medicinal/therapeutic, spiritual & recreational properties. It seems to have come to the west in about 17th century. In the early 20th century, newspaper stories started appearing in USA & abroad, about the horrific effects of ‘Marijuana’ & it was pushed into the prohibition space, that was previously occupied by Alcohol. The fact that this was really, the widely used Cannabis plant, was mostly covered up. It was not until the American Medical Association (AMA) started asking questions, that this was brought to light; BUT quickly hushed up !

8) Half a century on, we are still hearing this MISINFORMATION on ‘Marijuana’ & it is still being debated about whether is it the ‘Plant with its roots in Hell’ OR the cause of ‘Reefer Madness’ OR even the ‘Assassin of Youth’ & the ‘Gateway to HARD DRUGS’ as it was described in these ‘bad old days’ (1933-50s)

9) I often hear that this needs ‘more research’ BUT again, the truth is, there has probably been more research done on Cannabis than is really needed to prove the case (for or against) BUT the ‘power brokers’ mainly only want to hear all the negative stuff. This was highlighted in 1970s with the ‘Shafer Commission’ setup by Pres. Nixon to bolster his ‘WAR on Drugs’ approach. The Shafer Comm. actually reported the opposite view. This was summarily dismissed by Nixon.. whom I hear, ordered all copies of this report, to be destroyed !

I call on everyone who opposes Cannabis prohibition, to STOP using this SLANG word & use only its correct scientific name: CANNABIS ! :/

btw; I have added the word to my tags (just to highlight this issue)

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