More from the frontlines

I see on Int’l TV News, that Mexican ‘Drug Lord’ Joaquin Guzman (aka ‘El Chapo’) was recaptured & is being extradited to USA, to face ‘Drug trafficking charges’. The report stated USA authorities have said, he will not face the death penalty. This is totally hypocritical; the majority of ‘illegal drugs’ from Mexico are shipped north, to feed the massive illegal Drug market in USA. Also.. USA has decriminalised cannabis in many states & legally regulated it in 4-5: A Double-standard !

There are calls for Drug reforms in Indonesia:
1) The ‘head of narcotics’ is talking about shipping ‘offenders’ to off-shore islands, to serve out their sentence. This will apparently save the current, massive cost of incarceration.
2) Over 60% of all criminals are ‘Drug offenders’, by far, the majority are users. They interviewed one man, who was sentenced to FIVE years for possession of ONE gram of Cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’).
3) The Indonesian authorities, see no difference between ‘DRUGS’; Cannabis, Meth, Opiates etc… ‘All illegal & all zero-tolerance’
4) They showed huge fields of Cannabis plants, being torn out by Police.
5) Protesters are calling for legalisation.

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