Possible option for Reform

It seems that Aotearoa/NZ is calling for ‘relaxing of Drug laws’.. especially medicinal cannabis. This Right-wing Govt. are just sitting, squarely on the fence & doing very little to implement any further changes. I look at the changes that have occurred in similar OECD countries & see the main difference, that we really need to adopt; USA & Australia have separate state laws & I think Canada has equivalent provincial laws. Aotearoa/NZ does have a provincial structure too.. BUT we only have local by-laws, that relate to things like roads & rubbish collection, BUT they also have some control over alcohol consumption (times & places). I’m thinking maybe this could be the way, to move forward on ‘Drug laws’. Individual provinces to implement local bylaws to allow; local controls.

Currently NZ has the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1975’ (MODA) that is being often labeled ‘past its use-by date’ & well past time for REFORM. Well I would suggest it be devolved to provinces to do ‘Drug laws/controls’ at the provincial level. Allow provinces, the human-right to vote on whether we stick with the status quo or not. Currently its all done centrally (equiv. to Federal level) by Parliament in Wellington. :/

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