No Tobacco day

I hear that on ‘No Tobacco Day’, the NZ Govt. have introduced a ‘plain package’ policy. During the debate (yesterday) in parliament, one senior MP, asked why they don’t just ban it. He then reminded us that Tobacco brings in massive tax revenues.

This shows the complete double-standard that is shown between Tobacco & Cannabis. They go on about all the supposed harm from cannabis, as the main reason to retain Prohibition, BUT they refuse to follow this ‘rationale’ with Tobacco; because it brings in huge taxes & they know the effects that a further prohibition would cause: Black-markets etc. They probably also fear the legal back-lash/storm that could result, IF they tried another prohibition/zero-tolerance on Tobacco.

Surely we need a ‘level playing field’ BUT instead we just receive ‘Mixed Messages’ & misinformation ! :/

If they really want to reduce ‘Drug related harm’ (including Alcohol & Tobacco) then surely education & treatment/health care needs to be the main focus.. NOT B-S 😦

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