I watched parliament TV yesterday.. Question-time; one Govt. MP asked this:
‘To the Minister of Police: What recent successes has Police had in targeting drug dealing?’

The minister then went on to spew a list of details about Police operations, regarding Cannabis & Meth/P busts & incarcerations..

This was followed up by an opposition MP asking ‘What success has the Govt. has in shutting down ‘drug gangs’ (in line with the PMs policy direction in 2008) ? (paraphrase)’.. the minister just waffled around the point.

Arresting & locking up ‘Gang Members’ or random Dealers is effectively doing NOTHING, in the overall plan, to ‘Reduce drug-related harm’

To me it just seems that this Govt. is intent on just maintaining the status quo, including spreading the misinformation, as thick as possible. 😦

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