Previous PMs question

I read allegations that a previous NZ Prime Minister (now at UN) asked the current Assoc. Minister (resp. Drug Policy), at the recent UNGASS: ‘what he was doing to progress the decriminalisation of cannabis ?’

Of course the question could be asked.. ‘what was done during the years she was in power, to progress the issue ?’

I have read that she has stated that ‘a one dimensional (prohibition approach) is not the way to resolve the drug issue’ (paraphrased) BUT maybe she is again ‘politicking’ to ride the rising tide of support for reform.. to benefit her career aspirations ?

Frankly, I do agree; it is time that this Minister & Govt. did get a ‘boot up the backside’ to get ‘off the fence’. Methinks; the approach of the next general election 2017, could see this issue (esp. Medicinal use) rise further up the agenda in Aotearoa/NZ.. we shall see in due course :/

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