No concensus

I read on another blog.. that the recent UNGASS on Drugs, has actually resolved that there is no longer any consensus on global legislation.

‘For over half a century there has been a global consensus that drugs should be eliminated through punishment and repression. But this “consensus” has been ripped apart at the seams. Progressively more countries realise repression and punishment have failed. It’s time for change.’

Here is a link to a you-tube clip from the UNGASS.. it shows that the world is now split; those who are moving toward change & those who seem adamant the status quo should remain:

Even though the NZ minister (who is briefly in the clip) sounds like he supports reform, the reality is he is getting a sore ass.. sitting squarely on the fence ! 😦

The clip shows several countries reps. stating clearly, that they are moving to decriminalise cannabis (& other drugs) 🙂

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