Interview with Police Minister

I watched a TV interview with the NZ Police minister this morning. She went on about priorities for resources.. in light of recent ‘revelations’ that less than 10% of break & enter robberies, go unresolved. She said that they are looking at diverting ‘Road policing’ funds into this issue.

The interviewer asked about the high level of Prison incarcerations in Aotearoa/NZ (amongst the highest per capita in the world). She said she will not make apologies for this statistic. BUT she barely touched on the one topic that I hear, is still sucking up about 20-25% of all Police resources in NZ: ‘THE WAR ON DRUGS’ (esp. Cannabis & Meth/P); which many OECD countries are now stepping back from. This Govt. vehemently refuses to even consider ‘Decriminalisation’.. even cannabis. Why is this so ?

I often hear the strongest advocates for retaining the status quo are the NZ Police. They allegedly use it as a ‘reason’ to stop & search people. I understand that under current NZ law, they can still invoke a ‘warrant-less search’ under this legislation.. “I can smell cannabis” ! 😦

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