More from the frontlines

Two news items from the ‘Frontlines’ of the Drug war in Aotearoa/NZ:

1) a member of ‘Mangu Kaha’ (Black power) has been convicted & sentenced to 150 hours community work, for allowing his vehicle to be used to transport 427 grams of Cannabis buds (about a pound). The story says the vehicle was stopped by police, there was strong smell in the vehicle & they invoked, the misuse of drugs search powers. Another gang member had a bag between his feet containing the drugs. The driver said he knew there was ‘some cannabis’ but was unaware of the quantity. The other man was convicted with; possession for supply. He has apparently been ejected from the gang ?

2) a boat was searched off the north coast.. 448 kilos of Meth/P was seized. One of the biggest hauls in recent times.

These two stories just confirm that there is a huge market for ‘illegal drugs’ in Aotearoa/NZ (& the rest of the world) & whilst these amounts are significant seizures.. it is likely, they are just scratching the surface. Surely a more logical approach would be, to END the DRUG WAR & regulate these drugs (similar to Alcohol & Tobacco) ?! :/

Addendum: I saw a news update on item 2.. the Meth/P was apparently transported into NZ on the boat (abandoned) & was actually seized in a van. 3 people were arrested & charged. This is reportedly the largest such seizure on NZ record !
The Police also reportedly found more of the drug buried on the beach.

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