Treatment V Prison

Listening to parliament question-time.. it seems that a high percentage of prison inmates, have mental illness & drug addiction issues !

There have been numerous statements from ministers, in this Govt. that ‘Harm reduction’ is their priority for dealing with drug issues.. BUT it actually sounds like the reality is; arrest, prosecute, convict & imprison is the ‘solution’. These inmates often start on their road to prison, for minor convictions for drug use/addiction. It seems that they are using prison as the ‘one-stop-shop’ to deal with this ‘problem’ in Aotearoa/NZ. This country has amongst the highest levels of prison inmates. Why is this so ? Surely it would be more ‘humane’ to deal with mental illness & drug problems, outside the corrections department.. as a HEALTH issue. Methinks Prison should be the last option (amongst; murders, rapists, thieves & violent offenders) to ‘treat’ mental illness & drug addiction. I guess old habits die-hard in this country, by this Right-wing Govt. who are effectively using a ‘sledge hammer’ response to crack the proverbial walnut.

This appears to be an attack on basic ‘human rights’ !! 😦

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