Busted for Cultivation

I read in a local online newspaper that Police have arrested a man for Cannabis cultivation… two search warrants were executed at two properties in a small South Island town. The report states :

‘Police have arrested a 35-year-old man after uncovering a cannabis growing operation at a Pleasant Point property.’
‘Sergeant (name removed) said police executed two search warrants yesterday, one at the Pleasant Point property and the other at a property in (location removed), Timaru.’
‘A small cannabis growing operation and quantity of “unknown white powder” were discovered at the Pleasant Point address, he said.’
‘The man was connected to both properties. He has been charged with cultivation of cannabis and possession of class B and C drugs, he said.’

There are a couple of issues:
1) how many cannabis plants is a ‘small cannabis growing operation’; was it a commercial operation or more likely, just personal use ?
2) what was this ‘unknown white powder’ & how much was there.. maybe talcum powder OR perhaps ‘an illegal DRUG’ ?

This just highlights how ridiculous the Aotearoa/NZ WAR on DRUGS really has become. Whilst most similar OECD countries are decriminalising or regulating such ‘cultivation operations’, esp. personal use. IF convicted, will this really save the community ‘DRUG-related HARM’ as is often stated ?
How much has this cost the tax-payers of NZ ? Is it really likely that Cannabis cultivation OR use will be reduced in this area or the country overall.. OR is it just a token gesture to make it look like the local Cop is ticking the boxes, on his weekly charge sheets ?!

Again evidence of the ‘sledgehammer to crack a walnut’ approach NZ Police are using, in these nonsense situations. 😦

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