Latest concerns

I heard on the radio this morning, that Police & Govt. are concerned at the recent, massive increases in the size of seizures (half a ton), of Meth/P in Aotearoa/NZ.

Whilst the Police chief ‘sang the praises’ for a ‘job well done’.. it does seem that the ‘main (illegal) drug of choice’ in NZ is moving away from Cannabis, to Meth/P ?
BUT what can you expect, when:

1) Police still seem to prioritise ‘the WAR on weed’ causing, what many call ‘a drought’. Meanwhile the amount of precursors & manufactured Meth/P does seem to be steeply rising. The Police attitude is slow/refusing to move.. ‘All DRUGS are BAD & should be BANNED’ (except Tobacco & Alcohol)

2) Cannabis remains at a static price on the NZ black-market (about $350-400/ounce or $15-20/gram ?) BUT Meth/P sells for about $1000/gram. The risk of prison, if convicted is likely higher for Meth/P, but the risk can obviously turn into much higher potential profits: at least 50 times as much, per gram !

IF this Govt. is concerned about ‘Harm reduction’ as they say.. they should move the priority, totally off cannabis (class C) & focus on this ‘Class A’ drug, flooding onto the streets of Aotearoa/NZ, in increasing amounts !! 😦

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