facing the reality

I write & work for cannabis (& other black-market) reforms.. BUT I do realise that 121 people in Wellington have the control levers.
It looks increasingly like; as long as cannabis is illegal for personal, recreational use (R18+).. the minister will not allow the ‘raw herb’ to be available to ‘genuine patients’, here in Aotearoa/NZ either. This includes the terminally ill ! (heartless bastards)

I accept this as a genuine possibility.. BUT they should allow oil (herb boiled & strained), in a ‘therapeutic preparation’ to terminally ill or severely afflicted patients, with evidence of it’s therapeutic viability & prescription from their GP, stating it is ‘beneficial medicinally’ for a particular case over a specified time-frame OR until death ? :/

btw; I again state.. I do not promote ‘illegal activity’ BUT I do NOT accept prohibition as the only option or that my ‘freedom of choice’ can be removed with the stroke of a pen in the north island ! 😦

“F-R-E-E-E-D-O-O-O-M !” 😀

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