best described as

I was thinking about the issues specifically around, what is generically called ‘Medicinal or therapeutic’ :

1) Medicinal

The use of this substance/plant is purely for treatment of a known illness or condition (at least 100 years to western medicine) ?

2) Therapeutic

More a traditional or ‘Tohuna/shamanic’ treatment, that does appear to give some relief, often used in the ‘raw herb’ form: inc. smoking/vaping, drink as tea, poultice or skin lotion etc.

3) Pharmaceutical

Purely in an extracted form (eg Sativex).. unlikely to be ‘prescribed’ in the ‘raw, natural form’

4) Rongoa

As used in the traditional medicinal herbs etc.; spec. of Aotearoa: including Mother Mary Aubert; Oils, lotions, use of Maori ‘rongoa’


a) Cannabis fits all 4
b) coca likely fits all (not really 4 ?).. but also used in ‘soft drinks/colas’ that ‘refresh’ etc.
c) opium is widely used for all these 4 (17-19th century NZ), but also (as with cannabis/’marijuana’) is turned into a ‘recreational DRUG’ aka ‘Heroin’. Early interaction with chinese immigrants, brought ‘opium smoking’ to Aotearoa
d) mushroom & cacti used in 2,3,4 & as a ‘rec.use drug’ also, possibly even in western medicine now
e) potentially alcohol also fits the 4 descriptions of generic use

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