True OR False

I was just thinking through recent issues.. maybe a list of questions & items; to consider..

1) ‘They’ did not learn from ‘The prohibition of Alcohol in USA 1920s’ & therefore just repeated it
2) Drug prohibition has created all the same ‘unintended consequences’ that alcohol prohibition did; Black-market, Gangsters, Corruption & Violence
3) Police/Politicians really think a ‘Drug-free society’ is the best option & is achievable ?
4) Police are NOT pushing an agenda but just ‘doing their jobs’ ?
5) Prohibition has created a ‘Gangsters Paradise’ & it benefits Police, Judiciary & Corrections/prisons; Job Protection (as it did in 1920s USA)
6) The NZ Govt. pours about $200million a year into the current regime.. would be better spent on: Education, Treatment & Rehab. (for severe addiction)
7) Alcohol is widely considered a ‘Class B’ legal drug
8) Tobacco is widely considered a ‘Class A’ legal drug (most harmful & addictive)
9) Cannabis is a ‘Class C’ (BUT less harmful) ILLEGAL Drug !!
10) Should any society maintain Prohibition at any cost ? regardless of mounting evidence that it IS a failed experiment (as with Alcohol)
11) The greatest enemy to change, is actually APATHY
12) Many people (esp. older generations – grew up 1940-50s) actually believe the discredited propaganda from ‘Reefer Madness’ etc. : Causes Insanity & Leads ALL users to ‘Hard Drugs’ & general anarchy
13) Alcohol & Tobacco are effectively harmless & should not be called ‘Drugs’
14) Police prefer prohibition, because it supports an undercurrent of ‘power over the masses’, ‘Stop & Search’ & even Intimidation/stand-over tactics that some may ‘actually enjoy’
15) Black-market profits, (resulting from prohibition) are probably lining the pockets of many ‘officials’ who give the status quo, the greatest level of support
16) Big Pharma. prefer prohibition as it gives them POWER over THEIR industry & stops ‘other drugs’ cutting into their ‘market share’
17) Prohibition creates a society ’empowered’ by distrust & prejudice
18) Prohibition creates other ’employment opportunities’ : Drug-testing in the work-place
19) ‘Drugs’ were the CRISIS & ‘prohibition’ was the supposed ‘solution’.. maybe its time to reassess this situation ?
20) Cannabis IS a very harmful drug, that causes Mass Insanity & leads everyone who tries it, to become a Heroin OR Meth addict !
21) The UN conventions that currently, highly restrict the: cultivation, manufacture, preparation, sale & use of drugs (inc. Cannabis, Coca & Opium) are ‘cast in concrete’ & cannot be changed
22) Local regulation models are all breaking the UN conventions, by allowing a controlled ‘free market’
23) Use of ‘Drugs’ (cannabis etc.) is not bound by Prohibition & is actually lawful, ‘under legal authority’.. even in the many jurisdictions that are signatories to the 1961 conventions.
24) The medicinal/therapeutic uses of Cannabis have never ‘officially’ been prohibited by UN (stated clearly in Preamble statement) BUT individual signatory countries, chose ‘Zero Tolerance’ instead, as an easier option.. “Ban them all” (even Industrial Hemp)
25) It is likely that more people have, actually broken the ‘Drug Prohibition’ laws than have not (over 50% have at least tried cannabis etc.)
26) The countries (inc. Aotearoa/NZ) that maintain ‘zero-tolerance’ actually have the highest levels of ‘use’ rather than those, that allow ‘regulated use’ models. They also have overcrowded prisons too (at huge cost)
27) Prohibition is the only viable option, to deal with DRUGS
28) Prohibition should be discontinued ASAP
29) The Status quo works ‘just fine’ (esp. for Gangsters, Police & ‘corrupt officials’)
30) I do not agree with any of these statements (none of the above) 😀

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