Med-Cannabis in Israel

I read that legal restrictions on cultivation & prescription of cannabis (for Med-use), is to be further relaxed in Israel. I also read they have an increasing number of research & development (R&D) facilities too.

I just wonder, if this has come about by the news, that a Hebrew Torah/Bible scholar in Israel.. has challenged the modern translations/versions (KJV etc.) that include a recipe for ‘the Holy anointing oil’ (used to anoint the Kings & holiest of ‘holy-men’ & to heal the sick). In the modern, widely read; King James version, in Exodus 30:23-25 it gives the ingredients; myrrh, sweet cinnamon, ‘calamus’, cassia & oil (olive ?). To be mixed in precise amounts. I read that ‘calamus‘ is a mistranslation of the original text: ‘Kanabosm’ or ‘Kanehbosm’ which apparently was a ‘fragrant cane’ with psychotropic properties. If you look at the word, it even looks & sounds like CANNABIS.

Frankly, I’m no expert, nor do I even know what ‘calamus’ is supposed to be. BUT I did hear it is not even native to the middle east.. BUT Cannabis was widely known & used throughout much of the East (for 1000s of years) I am certain that prior to the modern prohibition regime & even the rise of Roman Catholicism, it was used for it medicinal, spiritual & other uses.

Sounds like a revitalisation, taking place ? 🙂

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