from the frontlines

I just thought I’d mention a few issues, from recent news:

1) Town hall debate; ‘Lets start the conversation’. This is apparently, a long time coming & highlights that Aotearoa/NZ is increasingly lagging behind, most other OECD on drug law reform (spec. Cannabis). Its only been one day.. BUT so far I have seen no TV news footage on this matter. It’s possible that: a) it was closed to the Media b) It had restricted access.. one media network ? c) it only attracted a very small number of attendees & was not seen as ‘newsworthy’ ? I will keep an eye out for updates.

2) I saw a news item, that the rise of opiate use in USA, has now reached a new height with ‘Fentanyl Citrate’ (a synthetic) that is apparently 100x stronger than morphine (or street Heroin). It comes in injectable liquid & skin patches, which is finding the way to the black-market. The problem being, that users do not realise how strong this drug is.. it is causing many overdoses & deaths !

3) I heard NZ parliament, Question-time today. A Govt. MP asked a series of questions to the Customs minister; enquiring about the increased numbers of ‘customs detector-dog squads’. The minister waffled on, about stopping importation of illegal MONEY.. only mentioned ‘DRUGS’ once. The truth is; that ‘detector dogs’ at NZ air/sea ports are only there for two main reasons: stop contaminated foods & pests getting into the country & stop DRUG importations. It sounded like, the minister was just avoiding this, because the public are finally realising how much tax-payer funds are being wasted on this matter.
btw; this minister has publicly said.. that discredited, ‘Reefer madness’ propaganda is actually TRUE (causes insanity & gateway to ‘Hard drugs’ etc.)

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