Meth Misinfo.

I just watched a news item, about testing of state-owned houses, for ‘Meth/P contamination’. The head of the NZ Drug foundation, stated that the agency who conduct tests (then ‘decontaminate’) in these properties, have set the level far too low. The positive tests have jumped to more than 30 times the number several years ago. The Govt. have often said these houses are rented to ‘low income & beneficiary dependent’ families & are apparently being used to manufacture & distribute the ‘Class A’ drug.

The allegations are that the agency have deliberately set it so low, that even ‘casual use’ (which leaves minor traces, similar to tobacco smoking etc.) will show a positive result.. effectively ‘ZERO-tolerance’. The Drug foundation say this is purely for financial benefit, similar to the companies who conduct (& promote) ‘drug testing in the work-place’.. which has ballooned in recent times, to almost a mandatory requirement for new employees.

This smacks of the stories of cannabis users ‘testing positive’ (blood/urine tests).. even weeks after use & being charged with ‘driving intoxicated’ or even dismissed from employment, based on this result. ‘No further discussion.. zero tolerance.. get out !!’ 😦

They briefly interviewed the minister, who just summarily dismissed it !
** The report stated that all cash (notes) is also likely to fail these ‘contamination’ tests.

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