Tobacco legislation

I have been watching the passage of the ‘Tobacco Plain Packaging’ bill in NZ parliament. Several points came to my attention:

1) The Int’l Tobacco industry are threatening to bring legal action against the NZ govt. over this issue, (as they did previously against Australia) which they say removes their right to advertise their LEGAL products.
2) The current Govt. had opposed this kind of legislation, until they entered a coalition deal with a ‘minor party’ who are actually promoting a ‘Smoke-free NZ’ by 2025
3) At least one of the current Govt. MPs had been a Tobacco Industry lobbyist, prior to becoming a politician
4) The NZ Food & Grocery council, have also apparently opposed this legislation, because it will likely reduce sales of Tobacco through their industry.
5) The Govt. totally refuses to bring a ban on Tobacco (Prohibition) as with Cannabis.

It is fascinating to see this Govt. saying that bans or prohibition of Tobacco will not work. There was even comments about is possibly creating, a black-market. BUT; they are just demonstrating the DOUBLE-STANDARD around these matters. The Tobacco industry refuse to even acknowledge that their product is known to kill over 5000 kiwis annually.. no such statistic exists for Cannabis !

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