Still battling

I read that one year after her son’s death, the Medicinal cannabis campaigner (Rose R.) is still battling for law reform !
She led a protest, outside her local MPs office. More than 30 protesters joined her on an hour long vigil. She commented :
“There’s no better day to do this – it celebrates who he was and the message he gave us, and for me I wasn’t letting the day go by with no change to the laws”

This case set a precedent in Aotearoa/NZ when lobbying, saw a CBD oil (Elixinol) approved as a last-ditch treatment for an epileptic condition which left her son in an induced coma. He died on 1/7/15 after the treatment failed. (Alex RIP) The comments being, that if he had received this cannabinoid medicine earlier, he may well have recovered ?

Rose started a petition in march this year, for further access to cannabis drugs in NZ. So far it has apparently gained about 10,000 signatures.
She stated; “Helen K. (cancer patient who uses illegal cannabis oil) has been talking about a citizen-initiated referendum which takes 350,000 signatures and a hell of a lot of man power, so we want to keep that kind of momentum going, because I refuse to be silent.”

The local MP was reportedly attending a conference elsewhere, at the time & was unaware of the protest. The following statements were included in the report:
‘While he acknowledged the groups right to protest and would not rule out any reform, he maintained that any changes needed to be based on the very best science and health advice.’
“I am a conservative on cannabis because of the very strong medical evidence and studies like the Dunedin longitudinal research, which shows the huge damage that the drug does to people’s well-being and health,” he said. (“What a load of exaggerated CRAP” sez I&I)
“The argument about medical use of cannabis needs to be made on strong scientific grounds.”
‘He was worried that many advocates for medicinal cannabis were actually advocates for broader liberalisation, using medical use as a “trojan horse” for wider recreational use.’ (“Again, more misinformation & excuses to maintain the status quo” sez I&I)

More power to you Rose & everyone in the Cannabis law reform Movement 🙂

“What do we want ? LAW REFORM.. when do we want it ? NOW !!:/

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