Access Denied AGAIN

I read that the NZ parliamentary select committee has rejected a 4000+ signature petition.. that is calling on them to allow a terminally ill cancer patient (Helen) to use cannabis oil to relieve her pain & suffering.

These are the ‘official reasons’ they gave :

‘However Parliament’s Health Select Committee said the Government doesn’t support the use of unprocessed cannabis for medicinal purposes because the dose and potency can’t be controlled, and also because of the risk of contaminants.’
‘The Committee said there’s no Government opposition to the use of cannabis-based medicines – but Sativex is the only product approved for use here.’

The minister (resp. for drug policy) has stated that he is watching developments in other similar countries.. BUT he is effectively ignoring the facts: Canada, USA, much of EU, Israel, parts of Sth America, etc. are NOW allowing medicinal/therapeutic uses & research.. including the ‘raw unprocessed buds’

Sativex is a pharmaceutical extract, that is unfunded by the Govt. funding agency (Pharmac) in Aotearoa/NZ & costs ‘approved patients’ >$1200/month. It is actually cheaper to buy Black-market ILLEGAL herb (about $350-400/ounce)

Helen reportedly did apply for legal access for another cannabis drug.. BUT she withdrew her application when the minister said it needed ‘more information’. He then went on to recommend Sativex to her.. BUT she stated the truth : “One-size does NOT fit all” (paraphrased) & that it was not suitable; confirmed by her oncologist. Access Denied Again !!

To my mind, this minister & the committee members who oppose it, need a Bloody great boot up their backside, to get off the fence. This is another pile of misinformation & TOTAL B-S being spread thickly here !! 😦

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