kia ora Whanau

“kia ora whanau o kanabosm” ; roughly means ‘be well (hello) family of the cannabis plant’ this relies upon the real translation of the last word.. which almost looks ‘te reo maori’ but is apparently a hebrew word (from bible text). Kanabosm even looks like kanabos/qunubu/cannabis/kaneh, used in other latin-type texts.

The fact that it is now illegal, is a great line of misinformation.. it has not always been globally banned. In fact in the 19th century, I believe it was used in about a one-third of all medicines prescribed in ‘western pharmacopeia’.. as a tonic, skin ointment, topical oil, vaping/smoking etc.

So I welcome all reading this to join ‘Te Whanau o Kanabosm’ IF you currently use the herb/budz.. “take care” sez I&I

btw; if you hear that kanabosm is translated as ‘calamus’ in KJV bible.. more misinfo. calamus was a swamp reed that does not fit the description of ‘kanabosm’ in the recipe given to Moses

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