NOT 100% support

I read that the National President of ‘Grey Power’ (aged care NGO) has totally rejected calls from at least one of their branches.. to support the use of cannabis, for medicinal purposes. He has apparently done a 180deg. turn, when he reportedly said he would not oppose the wishes of branches.

I read this:

‘Grey Power president (name removed) said he would never let his organisation be “taken over by this crap” regardless of the wishes of its members.’

The President apparently made some very angry calls to ‘cannabis support groups’ & reportedly stated he would; “go to war with you lot of degenerate cannabis people”.

It seems that the President thinks that some of these pro-reform groups are lobbying HIS branches of Grey Power.
I read this; “It is obvious that (a branch member) has done her own research and come to her own conclusions about the science around medical cannabis. (Mr Pres.) should be standing by his original statement that local chapters were entitled to take on their own causes,” from a pro-reform commentator

“(Mr Pres.) seems to think his members are feeble minded because they are elderly when he said ‘a lot of our members are very old and naive and they can be easily taken in by causes that aren’t a good look for Grey Power’.” was added

I hear there is a growing level of interest for ‘Aged supported dying’ (Euthanasia) I just think that this issue could be tagged onto this political bill/policy. I’m NOT talking about ‘Marijuana’ but only ‘Medicinal/Therapeutic use of CANNABIS to relieve pain & suffering of TERMINALLY ILL patients ! 🙂

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