a few facts ?

I watched a current affairs item on ‘Meth/P’ use in Aotearoa/NZ this morning.. It seems that:

1) NZ has been a ‘world leader’ on drug innovation.. but specifically synthetic regulation (now repealed)
2) Australia has introduced ‘safe injecting & use rooms’ that has been used to refer users to treatment; NZ has NOT followed this path
3) many OECD countries have moved toward regulation & treatment.. BUT Aotearoa/NZ has come to a grinding halt on ‘Drug issues’.. refusing to ‘decriminlise’ or further ‘relax’ legislation on personal use. Even though the minister said ‘it is being considered’ (paraphrase)
4) the head of the NZ Drug foundation said that whilst there is a move to treatment of addiction & ‘problem use’.. the overall expenditure in NZ is 80-20; 80% on Law ENFORCEMENT & only 20% on treatment
5) the NZ tax-payer funds greater use of Police & corrections in ‘drug matters’ than the Dept. of health spends on Alcohol treatment
6) Why is this ‘little country at the bottom of the world’ so FAR BEHIND now on this issue.. where once we were seen as innovators ?
7) I think it comes down to a plain FACT.. the money earned (Black-market) on Prohibition far outweighs the expenditure on enforcement. The ‘real power brokers’ in NZ could care less about ‘Drug related Harm’ & just want to maintain the flow of Misinformation (& MONEY).. in order to maintain the status quo.

It has been said that ‘We need to start the conversation’.. well I say; the conversation has been going on for decades.. BUT it is not leading to any substantive changes.. just ‘talk for talks sake’. Mr Anslinger would be laughing at the ‘success NZ is having.. at maintaining HIS VISION’ (Prohibition at all costs & as the only option.. for DRUGS)

A panel of experts have unanimously said the focus needs to totally shift to treatment. It was summed up by an ex-politician who said “The War on Drugs is complete Lunacy”

btw; one panelist mentioned the PMs initiative (Mr. ‘just say NO to drugs’) that has seen the arrest rate for Meth/P users reduced.. BUT the Police focus is still on : arrest & prosecute NOT ‘refer to treatment’. “Its a a Class A Drug” declared the host.. we cant possibly decriminalise it (OR Cannabis) just not acceptable in ‘modern NZ’ ?!

highlighted by the Pres. of Grey power allegedly calling us ‘degenerate cannabis people’

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