effects of ‘marijuana’ ?

I’ve heard so much misinformation on the supposed effects of ‘marijuana’ (aka Cannabis).. I thought I’d list a few or more:

In the bad old days (1940 onward):

1) causes mental illness
2) leads all users to hard drugs (the gateway theory)
3) creates blood lust & violent behaviour

In the hippy days (1960-70s)

4) causes psychedelic experience
5) “Peace man”
6) revolution in the air

In the Nixon to Reagan era (1970-80s) WAR on DRUGS

7) CAUSES Mental illness
8) leads all users to HARD drugs
9) rejection of authority

In the current era (1990 onward)

10) confusion reigns.. but nothings really changed

BUT to me, smoking cannabis has always had the same basic effects: relaxed, calm, occasional laughter, occasional munchies(eating).. I admit in my youth it did create an uneasy feeling.. which could have been paranoia OR just the fact I was constantly breaking the law & risked arrest & prosecution, if caught by ‘the Blue Meanies’. I do hear that there are some people who have had ‘mental issues’ triggered by ‘marijuana’ use.. well all I can say is “don’t use it, if its unpleasant or problematic:/

btw; the ‘proof’ of the ‘gateway theory’ was finding that most Heroin addicts started off using ‘marijuana’ BUT they ignored the facts that: only a small portion of the total number of cannabis smokers go on to Heroin/opiate addiction. The fact that many heroin addicts also use alcohol & tobacco.

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