What is Marijuana ?

I was discussing the topic with an associate, who added “Did you know Marijuana.. is NOT an English word !?” I replied “It doesn’t look/sound English either !” ..so what is marijuana ?

It’s a word in the song ‘La Cucheracha’ (the Cockroach) La Cucheracha.. marijuana por fumar (for smoking).. on old mexican song from the days of ‘La Pancho villa’

BUT in reality it’s a word full of : HATRED, distrust, mis/disinformation, lies & harm.. used by a sector of society to maintain the status quo !

This one word has encompassed the main drug mindset of a generation, who grew up in the west in 1940-60 (post the age of alcohol prohibition in USA). Alcohol & Tobacco are acceptable (even though they probably cause most harm/death & Tobacco is as addictive as Heroin/Opium; 40% of all users develop an ongoing addiction).. BUT all the others are BANNED !! & this will never be changed whilst they are alive. (OR as long as they have any influence)

BUT what really is ‘Marijuana ?’

to my mind it is the ‘illegal drug’ (‘created’ in the mindset of this generation.. by a group of people, plainly for pure self-interest, who are still benefiting today from this law) that made a generation no longer trust a plant that had been used for: medicinal, therapeutic, industrial (hemp) etc. as well as for its recreational properties, which were known in Asia for 1000s of years.

This was whipped into such a hysteria that they even implemented ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’.. arrest for the smallest quantity or even a seed or implement of use (pipe etc.) BUT instead of moving these ‘drug affected’ people into treatment or education.. they were/still are ‘funneled’ into court & even prison.. with rapist, murderers, violent crims. etc. They effectively went beyond ‘this is an illness to be treated’ to “this IS a CRIME !! Bring down the Jack-boots” 😦

BUT if truth be known.. its a word that has been used to cause more harm than the plant (gift of Shiva) could ever really create.

btw; there are other words too: Ganja, Weed, Dakka, Herb, Smoko, Kif, CANNABIS, Hemp, Sativa, Acapulco Gold: all equally valid & more preferable to I&I

What do we want? FREEDOM

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