Cornerstone of Harm

I read there are questions being asked about a Police report, from 2007 titled: ‘New Cannabis, the cornerstone of illicit drug harm in NZ’ which states; cannabis costs the country over $30million & has resulted in over 2000 hospital admissions per year !
A sociologist was not convinced & requested ‘the evidence’ to backup the details. He claims, he has never seen these people, clogging up hospital A&E depts. The response to his request for data was answered by it was ‘lost’ or ‘incorrectly saved’. The report alleges that the Police agency did not want the data, open to public scrutiny. (which suggests its B-S)
After years of fighting for release of the data, it was discovered that much of it was over exaggerated.. many of the cases in the report, were ‘secondary’ admissions; the patients were admitted for another issue, but their cannabis use was ‘highlighted’, despite the primary reason for admission not being cannabis-related.
In spite of this revelation, Police refuse to ‘pull the report’ stating it will ‘harm the reputation of the NDIB’ (National Drug Intelligence Bureau)

I read that in 2013 the report was ‘quietly removed’ from official websites etc. claiming it was ‘six years old’ (out of date) rather than the fact it contained deliberately misleading/incorrect data. The Police have not retracted the ‘incorrect figures’ contained in the report. So the questions remain.. how many tax-payer dollars are spent on this matter & what are the CORRECT figures for A&E admissions ? This disinformation has been/still is used to prejudice public opinion on Cannabis use.

The report says.. this highlights, high level corruption in NZ Police. They used propaganda & deliberately manipulated the data to boost their funding & justify their FAILED WAR on Cannabis !

If not for the work of the sociologist.. the NDIB report would likely still be at the forefront of MISINFORMATION still being spread to mislead the public on Cannabis use in Aotearoa/NZ

** to my mind; the NZ Police are still using ‘Reefer Madness’ type LIES to bolster their ongoing ‘WAR on Weed’. 😦

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