more from frontlines

I read the following news snippets from the ‘frontlines’ of the Drug war :

1) Florida is set to commence the operation of a medicinal cannabis dispensary, after a company won the contract to cultivate the plant for such use. Their law allows qualifying patients to obtain a ‘non-euphoric’ low THC strain, for seizures & related conditions. A higher level THC strain could be available to terminally ill patients, in the future.

2) The current NZ (right-wing) Govt. apparently have no interest in pursuing any moves to legalise (or regulate) cannabis, even though a recent Treasury report states it could potentially raise about $150 million in taxes. They are totally out of touch with a majority of kiwis who say it is time to catch up to the rest of the OECD, that already allow medicinal use & others who have decriminalised/regulated personal use.

3) A town in Colorado, is reportedly warning its residents to beware of THC-tainted water supply. The health dept. have advised not to drink, cook with or bath in the water until further notice. Fresh water is apparently ‘on the way soon’

4) A UK war veteran/hero, who lost both legs in Afghanistan.. is calling on their Govt. to allow medicinal cannabis, to relieve his & others pain & suffering. UK already allow some medicinal cannabis use; for epilepsy etc.

5) A British airlines flight carrying holidaymakers to Crete, returned to Gatwick.. after a ‘nasty smell filled the cabin’. Many of the passengers said it was cannabis.. BUT no evidence was found to confirm this. All passengers were put on a rescheduled flight. 🙂

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