Politics in Pub

I watched the latest ‘Back benches’ on TV last evening.. NZ Politics in the Pub. They had quite a crowd of people with Cannabis law reform signs. There is usually 1 or 2, every week.. but it does seems to be increasing.

The panel of MPs: 1 National (current Govt. Right wing) 1 Labour (main Left wing; Opposition) 1 NZ-first (Centrist; Opposition) & 1 Green (Enviro-left; opposition).

The host asked each MP a few questions to start the discussion/debate.. the first one was “would you support legalisation of Cannabis ?”

1) National/Govt. MP : “NO !”

2) Labour MP : “NO !”

3) NZ-first MP : “Med-use; YES & Recreational/personal use – Referendum”

4) Green MP : “YES !!”

Whilst these answers were from the MPs, I think they reflect their party positions. I was a little surprised that the Labour MP gave a definitive “NO”, as I’ve heard comments from other Labour MPs about supporting Med-use & possibly having a referendum on personal use. Maybe he thought the question was just about LEGALISING Rec. use only ??

In the run up to next years election, I wonder whether these positions will change ? :/

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