more DRUG chatter

I’ve been listening to talk-back radio again.. the topic this morning, is about ‘Meth/P contamination in public housing’. As usual there is chatter from all points, including the host; who seems to be pushing the ‘official line’… “Its Bad, just say NO !!”

Here is a taste of comments I heard (paraphrased):

1) several callers stated.. “Just say No & zero-tolerance“. All ‘state house’ tenants should be regularly ‘drug tested’ & if positive.. “BOOT THEM OUT & cut them off social security/benefit !”
2) a few callers said that much of the ‘official line’ is over exaggerated B-S. The companies who do the testing & decontamination are benefiting from getting positive tests; receiving massive payments & employment opportunity from the housing Govt. agency
3) politicians are ‘scaremongering’ the issues for their own gains. One sacked MP (also an ex-cop) started this campaign & actually was connected to the industry doing the testing/decontaminating !
4) a few callers said that; IF cannabis was legal in Aotearoa/NZ, most ‘Meth/P’ users would likely not use it
5) one caller said, she is a state house tenant & there are ‘many rumours’ flying about, that the companies who are contracted to test/decontaminate are actually ‘adding the contaminants themselves’ to get a positive test & subsequent employment
6) a few callers, who claimed to be employed in associated industries; said that “YES there is ‘scaremongering’ about the level of contamination”. A positive test, seems to require (under current policy) that the wall linings & carpets be replaced.. when IN FACT, a good wash down would suffice
7) one caller said that regular tobacco smoking actually caused more harmful ‘contamination’ of the properties than Meth/P. How likely is it that new tenants would go around licking the walls & sucking on the carpet ? BUT possibly children may ??
8) one caller said that recent reports show that over 50% of all banknotes are also contaminated with Meth/P & cocaine (from being handled by users).. no one makes a big deal about this. The host suddenly sounded ‘panicked’.. like he was going to rush off & wash all his banknotes
9) one lady said she worked in a science lab & had good knowledge of the topic; much of the stuff being spread in the media (by officials/politicians) is being really over exaggerated. She said that the only properties that would be contaminated to a level, that required ‘Decontamination’ would be those where the drug was being manufactured.. NOT just casual use
10) the level set for a ‘positive test’ was extremely low & was tantamount to ‘zero-tolerance’. Then the Govt. agency was saying “DECONTAMINATION is Mandatory”.. end of story.. often costing >$20k per property !

** to me, this all still smacks of ‘Reefer Madness’ style scaremongering.. for many of the reasons mentioned; to maintain the status quo on Drug Policy & benefit those who are working in these ‘drug testing’ & decontamination industries..
‘The TRUTH is out there’ BUT so is the usual, heavy doses of misinformation & just plain B-S !! 😦

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