Philippines now ramping it up

I just watched a TV news item.. the new President of the Philippines has apparently called for a ramping up of the Drug WAR !

It showed ‘Gangs of armed Police’ roaming the streets of Manila, summarily rounding up groups of, mostly young men & locking them up, in vastly overcrowded prisons. It showed a prison compound that supposedly, is designed for about 800 inmates with over 4000 in it. The police are reportedly shooting, many users & street level dealers.. unopposed or prosecuted (MURDERERS).

They interviewed a young couple who confirmed that CORRUPTION is rife & the real ‘kingpins’ are not being touched.. bribing their way out of it.

This just confirm to my mind, the views I wrote on my last post; Lies, Misinformation, Corruption & B-S rules this issue !!

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