The Unwinnable War

The longer it goes on, the more it seems obvious that the WAR on DRUGS is totally unwinnable. I base this on the following issues :

1) it’s not actually a WAR on Drugs.. BUT a WAR on people, who choose to ingest other substances than; Alcohol & Tobacco (OR ‘prescribed’ pharmaceuticals)
2) it is effectively removing people’s ‘FREEDOM of Choice
3) it’s an attack on basic human rights.. what we can ingest in our own bodies
4) it has actually created a black-market.. (‘forbidden fruit’) & increased the desire of many to use rather than reject these ‘Drugs’
5) it has divided the society into ‘straights’ & ‘DRUGGIES’ BUT has ignored the fact that Alcohol & Tobacco are ‘legal DRUGS’ & widely used
6) estimates are that only about 10% of all ‘illegal drugs’ are actually ever seized. It’s a TOTAL myth that the ‘Prohibition industry’ are winning the WAR, as they often claim
7) many ‘third world countries’ rely on the illegal Drug trade, to support their economies
8) it is actually based totally on : LIES, FALLACIES & MISINFORMATION
9) a portion of the so-called ‘officials’ are driven by; CORRUPTION & are probably lining their pockets from ‘illegal kickbacks’
10) they tried this strategy in 1920s with Alcohol in USA.. it was repealed as a failure & replaced with ‘legal REGULATION’. The definition of INSANITY is apparently repeating something, expecting a different outcome !

BUT the reason it continues, unabated (40+ years) :

11) APATHY by the majority who break the laws, to actually do anything significant to oppose it.. fear of retribution or arrest
12) the POWER brokers (politicians), continue to push the B-S (‘reefer madness’ etc.) for their own benefit
13) LAW ENFORCEMENT, Judiciary, Customs & Prisons (Prohibition Industry) promote the Misinformation & status quo, purely out of self-interest (Job Protection) NOT because they really believe, it is reducing harm OR use levels
14) there are other ‘Industries’.. that support the status quo & likely give financial incentives to those in POWER, to maintain it
15) it has created a massive BLACK-MARKET, that many (not just criminals & gangsters) rely upon

** to my mind, the WAR on DRUGS is no different to ‘State-sponsored NAZISM !!’

“What do we want ?” FREEDOM
“When do we want it ?” NOW
So stand up & be counted.. shout it from the roof-tops folks, if you can !!! :/

Another annoyed RANT from I&I 😦

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3 Responses to The Unwinnable War

  1. The drug war cannot be won so it should never be fought.

    • Zedd says:

      Tautoko/agree.. but as with alcohol, should be strictly regulated; rules to ensure ‘safest’ possible use (ie age restrictions, education of possible effects/harms etc.) The main issue.. many think law reforms will just be totally unrestricted, BUT thats actually, what the current black-market produces. I think we need to grow up & move past this 🙂

  2. Zedd, you will not get any argument from me about that. If someone told me what I can and cannot put in my body, I would consider this as an invasion of privacy. Waging a war that cannot be won is wasted effort. Personally, I have no issue with medical Marijuana, however, recreational use is something I do not support. That being said, I would not advocate laws that tell other people what they can and cannot put into their own bodies. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people than Marijuana. However, alcohol and tobacco are legal in the U.S. and Marijuana is not.

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