E-Cigs now endorsed

I saw on the TV news recently, that a NZ Govt. minister is now endorsing ‘E-Cigarettes’ as a preferred option to the ‘regular’ tobacco cigarettes. There was a call from a ‘minor party’ for a ‘Smoke-free Aotearoa/NZ’ by 2025. Well I hear that this is supported, BUT is it really being taken seriously ?

Well there was a time when these E-Cigs, were seen as just a ‘tool’ to wean people off Tobacco, BUT now they are being seen as an alternative (less harmful). Instead of tar-filled smoke, they produce a vapour, from heated nicotine-containing liquids. The practice is now labelled ‘Vaping’.

On a slightly different note; a less harmful alternative to smoking cannabis (often an excuse to maintain prohibition).. it can also be ‘Vaped’, in a similar fashion !

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