More DEA roadblocks

I read that the USA Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was in the ‘final stages’ of rescheduling Cannabis (aka ‘Marijuana’) from Sch 1. to Sch. 2.. The report says that there were allegations, that this rescheduling was due to be enacted in the first half of 2016.. BUT there are apparently more ‘Roadblocks’ in the way now ?

Under Schedule 1, a drug is deemed the ‘most harmful’.. supposedly; totally addictive & of ‘NO known’ medicinal value.. BUT since Nixon declared ‘WAR on DRUGS’, most people who bothered to look beyond the hype, bluff & bluster.. have known this is total misinformation & outright B-S !!
** Cannabis has been used Medicinally for 1000s of years & there is NO proof of it being ‘addictive’ in the same sense as Opiates etc.

The main issue around it being; under schedule 1 (as I understand) there is a block on further research into any positive benefits OR medicinal/therapeutic uses. What is really going on ?
Could it be that the ‘spirit of Anslinger’ (USAs 1st Drug Czar) is still ‘haunting the corridors of power’ OR his protegés are still lurking around, in them.. pulling strings ??

Methinks that (as I’ve said before): the Drug War is REALLY about self-interest (job protection), than actually reducing ‘drug related harm’.. as the ‘Prohibition industry’ often claim !

I’m also guessing that, they are waiting for the current ‘pro-reform’ President to leave office.. so that his influence is massively diminished.. 😦

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