Law Reform indications

I listened to a news item; the ‘Leader of the opposition’ (second largest NZ political party) reportedly said to students, that he would consider a referendum on cannabis laws.. but when a news team asked the MP to confirm the intent, he ‘hummed & ahhed’ about it (his level of support).. but conceded it was discussed.

BUT at the end of the item, the reporter confirmed that the Labour party are supportive of further medicinal law reform, should they get into power in 2017.

To all kiwis, who are concerned.. please don’t let this debate drift on for another 30 years (OR ‘ad infinitum’) last time it was seriously debated here !
when gay reforms passed but cannabis got left at the starting gate.. 😦

IF you do want genuine cannabis law reform then send this current Govt. the message that their status quo policy SUX (prohibition effectively) 😦

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