False assumptions

I often think that many people, still believe the question on drugs is “Do we want reform ?” when in fact this is a totally false assumption !

Methinks that UNGASS 2016 resolved that the world is split in two; those who support the status quo & those who obviously do not (in varying degrees). The majority of ‘western’/OECD countries seem to be moving away from ‘zero-tolerance’.. except the ODD one or two; no names mentioned

The real question needs to be; “Accepting the new agenda, how do we achieve it ?”

1) Stop arresting users
2) License cultivation, preparation & supply
3) Police only the regulations..not zero-tolerance
4) EDUCATE the people
5) make ‘DRUGS’ a health/social issue NOT a criminal one

“We’re standing up for LIBERTY”.. πŸ™‚

‘a friend in need is a friend in deed.. BUT a friend with WEED is better.. & my kiwi-ese is getting better’ (good song) πŸ˜€

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