Full scale Manila

I watched a Int’l TV news interview with a spokesperson for the new Philippines president (Duterte).. the interviewer asked whether 700 dead people ‘Druggies’ was 700 too many or 700 too few. The spokesperson said:

1) its being taken out of context
2) the questions are deliberately loaded
3) if you understand the situation, then it seems more understandable

BUT he just ducked & weaved the facts.. that in the space of a few months, about 700 have been gunned down by Govt. approved ‘execution squads’ in the name of the Drug WAR.. FULL SCALE !!
Prisons designed for 100s are housing 1000s & mob rule reigns in the neighbourhoods around Manila.

Is this progress ? “NO sez I&I” Its just MORE B-S in the name of so-called ‘Justice’.. but its just more ‘Gangsters Vs Cops’ rhetoric.. who is on the good side ? :/

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