its not all glum

Having spouted my last words.. its not all glum.. we do have:

1) Aotearoa Legalise ‘Cannabis’ party (dedicated to reform in 2017): “Party Vote ALCP”

2) NORML (at least one group)

3) Whakamana, the ‘Cannabis Museum’ in Caversham

4) Helen K., Kelly V-G, Rose R., Rebecca R., you & I & other fighters for reform.. even Dakta & Fred

5) a few annual events, including ‘J day’ in several cities

6) Green Party of Aotearoa/NZ (have a pro-reform policy)

7) NZ1st party (support referendum)

8) ACT party (support reform.. libertarians)

9) ‘Te Whanau o Kanabosm’

10) illegal herb & lots of herby/green folk to smoke with.. paddling in the same waka/canoe ! šŸ™‚

btw; some MPs in opposition Labour party support reform.. but seem split as a party. Unlike the ruling ‘National’ Party who support whoever gives them the biggest donation; lobbyists from alcohol, tobacco, pharma OR prisons/police etc.

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2 Responses to its not all glum

    • Zedd says:

      Cheers Shane
      I do try to promote other NZ (& overseas) blogs & groups, that support reform of the outdated prohibitionist drug laws.. usually by adding them into my posts ! šŸ™‚

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