Who/What is Big Pharma ?

I often hear that ‘big tobacco’ & ‘big alcohol’ are the main blocks to cannabis law reform (lobbying).. BUT there is another group that sound more challenging on this; BIG Pharma.. so who/what is this ?

In Aotearoa/NZ there is only one currently approved cannabis medicine; Sativex (Sativa Extract). This ‘drug’ requires approval at the highest ministerial level, more controlled than opiates !

I hear that these pharmaceutical corporations, not only research new medicines, BUT also spend vast sums ensuring their patented products are on top of doctors prescription lists; including running fancy seminars/conferences.. all expenses paid.

In many similar overseas jurisdictions, cannabis (even in raw form) is available on prescription. In NZ there is an almost total block on these type of products. Sativex is available, not funded by the Govt. agency (Pharmac) & costs over $1200/month to the small number of approved patients. Other funded drugs costs about $5 per script. The reality is, its cheaper to buy black-market cannabis & make an extracted oil yourself.. or just ingest it as purchased. In recent news items, they still refer to cannabis products, as ‘medical marijuana’.. even CBD oils that contain almost no THC (the active ingredient that causes the ‘high’). These compounds come from plants, more correctly referred to as HEMP.

Methinks that these companies are doing ‘deals’ with Govts. (spec. in NZ) to ensure their guaranteed ‘market-share’ & huge profits are maintained !! 😦

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