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I was channel surfing this a.m. & came across a chat show on freeview Ch28 (Chinese-kiwi TV).. the backdrop had stats on ‘Kiwis views on cannabis’.

As it was being spoken in chinese, I had no idea what was being discussed, BUT; it showed a breakdown in two areas: Personal use & Medicinal use. Then broken down by the 4 main political parties in NZ. As the hosts heads were ‘in the way’ I could not see everything.. BUT the main figures were clear.

Personal use:

Illegal 34%, Decrim 31%, Legal 33%


Illegal 16%, Decrim 16%, Legal 63%

The bottom-line.. a clear majority of kiwis, do NOT support the current prohibition/status quo.

addendum: I see on another blog (Your NZ) that these stats were recently released, from a poll by the NZ Drug foundation.

Clear majority supports cannabis change

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