Poll response from PM

I see on the TV news that our Prime Minister, has effectively dismissed the finding in this latest poll. ‘NO LAW REFORM on the agenda !!”

This was reported on a major NZ newspaper website:

‘Cannabis law reform is finding wide acceptance including among National (current Govt.) supporters, according to a new poll.’

‘Prime Minister (name removed) says decriminalising cannabis would send the wrong message to young people.’

‘A new poll shows almost 65 per cent of New Zealanders want personal possession of cannabis decriminalised or made legal.’

‘There is even stronger support to let people use cannabis for pain relief – only 16 per cent of New Zealanders want that to be criminal.’

then this B-S from the PM:

‘But (the PM) told (a reporter) on Newstalk ZB (radio) this morning that he did not think changing the law would be a wise move.’

“My longstanding view, whether you like it or not has been that I think it sends the wrong message to youngsters.” (as if only ‘youngsters’ use it ?)

“I think there are potentially health implications from sustained use,” he added. (smacks of REEFER MADNESS.. gateway to HARD DRUGS)

‘While acknowledging other countries including the United States had moved to decriminalise possessing small amounts of cannabis, such a move was not on the Government’s agenda’ PM said.’

then this from a Med-use activist:

“New Zealand has the highest rate of prosecution for cannabis possession in the OECD and targets young people, it is discriminatory in terms of ethnicity [and] who is getting prosecuted,” (she) told Radio New Zealand.’

“People who are using it for medical purposes are still getting prosecuted in this country. It’s not true that police are turning a blind eye…I think we need to look at the whole system, and start with medical, see how that works…and then see where the gaps are and look at who is being prosecuted, and why.”

The TV news, showed the PM stating (paraphrased) ‘If we decrim. cannabis, it will promote more use & we will end up with a ‘tinny house’ on every street corner.. We DON’T want that !’ (no; we would prefer, licensed, NON-Blackmarket, regulated ‘coffeeshops’ or ‘smoking clubs’ etc. where responsible ADULTS can buy & use the drug).. the sky has not fallen in the increasing numbers of other OECD countries that have moved away from Prohibition.. BUT our PM apparently ‘thinks HE knows best !’

* Talk about FEAR-mongering, misinformation & just plain B-S. I just wonder who is really ‘pulling his strings’ (financial incentives ??) to maintain the status quo ? 😦
** On this issue.. NZ is looking increasingly isolated amongst western/OECD countries.. the PM is acting more like a DICTATOR rather than a elected Representative of ‘WE the People’

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