misinformed chatter

I listened to Talk-back radio last night.. they were discussing the latest, NZ Drug Foundation researched ‘cannabis law’ poll: 64% support personal use (decrim. or legal) & about 80% say ‘YES’ to Med-use. This current NZ Govt. has effectively dismissed it (WE KNOW BEST.. no further reform/change to the status quo) !

A few examples of the ‘Misinformed chatter’ I heard (paraphrased):

1) the host asked.. ‘why is it that a drug that has been illegal for so long, is now being considered OK ?’ (he sounded like another person who thinks it’s always been illegal)

2) a lady said she didn’t mind the idea of Medicinal/Pharma ‘MARIJUANA’ (her word).. BUT definitely not legal for personal use. She inferred (as the PM did too) that if they changed/relaxed the law.. 100% of kiwis will rush out & start smoking it ! (total ignorance)

3) there were a few callers that said they agreed with Med-use.. BUT not smoking it.

4) one guy said ‘it is PROHIBITION that is causing most of the problems with cannabis, not the actual drug’ (BRAVO 100%)

5) another lady just sounded like she was reading a page from the ‘Reefer Madness’ script.. it’s a : Gateway to HARD DRUGS, causes mental illness & smoking it, is 4 times more harmful than ‘regular smokes’. (what a load of ill-informed, ignorant CRAP)

6) another guy highlighted that NZ has adopted a ‘smoke-free by 2025′ policy & cannabis/’marijuana’ law reform will just make this unachievable.

7) this was followed up be a man who discussed ‘alternative ingestion’ methods.. vaping, eating it etc. ie Smoking it, is not the ONLY option

* again I found it interesting that the host, was pushing ‘the status quo’ & attacking many who rang up to say they supported reform/change (along with the majority of the population, apparently.. according to several recent polls)

** most callers confirmed ‘my theory’.. that those who support reform, call the drug/plant by its real name: CANNABIS, but those opposed call it the demonised/slang name: ‘MARIJUANA’ or “MARA-WAH-NA” :/

“Ho Hum”.. BUT it does seem that the tide for reform/change, even here in ‘lil ol’ Aotearoa/NZ, is slowly but surely rising.. 🙂

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