Pub Politics

I watched the latest ‘Back Benches’ (Pub politics NZ) last evening.. (currently on replay) There is usually a few people with signs, advocating Cannabis law reform, on this show… about 10 showed up to this one !

The host asked the Govt. (National) & Opposition (Labour) MPs whether they had smoked cannabis ?.. both replied “YES” to loud applause. Usually MPs are either hesitant to answer or avoid it all together. The Labour MP said he spent 8 years at University. The host then asked the Green MP “which is best ‘Golden Bay Hay’ OR ‘Coromandel Gold’ ?”.. to which she replied that she has been out of this scene for about a decade.

The co-host questioned a representative of Federated Farmers, about maybe growing HEMP or Cannabis. He replied ‘If there is a change to legislation.. why not‘ The host then pointed out that currently; Tomatoes sells for $5/kilo, Cannabis is about $5000/kilo !!

Examples of some signs in the audience:

‘Conscience vote for cannabis’
‘Live like its legal’
‘Cannabis is Medicine’
‘Its high time to legalise’
‘(PM) get some conscience’ (with a pic of Helen K. cancer patient who uses cannabis oil illegally)
‘Sell Cannabis, not state assets’
‘Freedom of Choice’

They went onto the streets of Wellington & asked the public’s opinion.. the majority said “YES”, esp. Med-use

They then asked the MPs whether they support law reform, to which the Govt. MP said “NO” then went on about ‘a lack of evidence & social impact’ (the host said he is ‘out of step with times’).. The Labour MP said “Med-use YES, but personal use NO”.. The Green MP said “law reform has always been their policy.. decrim. “YES”.. make it a health issue, not a crime”

They briefly interviewed an ex-politician, now cannabis reformer.. aka ‘DAKTA GREEN’ (who spent 4 months in jail recently). Who said “It should be compulsory for ‘over 60s’ (as pain relief ?) ”

It seems the tide of support is continuing to rise in Aotearoa/NZ !! 🙂

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