Cops discuss issues

I’m just watching a TV chat show on Al Jazeera, a panel with 3 USA cops (2 black & 1 white), one retired, one still ‘on the beat’ & a lady former Police Chief. They are highlighting several issues:

1) racial profiling.. the different approach that Police take to white & black ‘offenders’.. the majority of USA cops are white !

2) the quota system.. all cops are expected to make a minimum number of busts.. they are only out there to arrest people, not to deter crime

3) the War on Drugs.. really just an excuse to stop & search/bust people

4) IF the cops were doing their jobs properly, they would not be just arbitrarily busting people for anything they can find. It would be about being present & only stopping people, IF they break the law.

5) the quota system, is totally about filling up the courts & specifically collecting fines/revenue

6) the modern ‘policing techniques’ have just driven a wedge between the Police & a large sector of society.. lack of respect

I see similarities here in Aotearoa/NZ.. where there is a culture of ‘US & THEM’.. especially around the Drug War :/

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