Vexed issue

I read in a local newspaper (‘The Star’), MPs view/blurb; from the local-based Govt. Member of Parliament (MP), titled ‘Cannabis law reform vexed issue’. Interesting to read that a current Govt. MP, sounds like he is actually looking at both sides, of this ‘much debated subject’.. when most of them, just appear to be on the ‘NO law reform/status quo only‘ side of the debate !

He starts his comments with “I’m not one who is rigidly fixed on issues..” whilst it does sound like, he leans toward the status quo, recent debates & the NZ Drug foundation poll (64% support Decrim. or legal personal use & 80%+ support Med-use) may have swayed his opinion ??? :/

He also adds the issues, around a prominent cancer patient (Helen K) who publicly admitted using ‘illegal cannabis oil’ to relieve her symptoms, may have also made him think twice.

He further points out all the negative stuff that came from the Synthetic cannabis/legal high debacle, that saw these ‘drugs’ temporarily legal & sold in shops.. BUT after a public outcry the law was overturned. It has been often pointed out that NATURAL herb, is not the same as these Synthetics & in opposition to some claims (minister resp. drug policy) it is NOT more harmful !
He mentions the many jurisdictions overseas, that have already allowed decrim./legal regulation of cannabis.. that developments from these cases are being watched, here in Aotearoa/NZ.

He closes the blurb with; ‘This is one issue that won’t go away & I for one will be listening carefully to both sides of the argument’.

I really welcome these comments. BUT; I am a little skeptical about them, knowing that he is a minister in a Govt. that seems to support the status quo ONLY (confirmed by the Prime minister & several other senior members of this Govt. recently).. but we shall see, what occurs in the run up to next election in 2017. I say they ‘ignore this at their peril’ (or possible loss of power ?)

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