still looks well

I watched a TV interview this a.m. with Helen K. (cancer patient using ‘illegal cannabis’) I was surprised to see her looking so well, considering she says she hasn’t got long to live.. it must be the medicinal/therapeutic CANNABIS !

The interviewer started the interview asking Helen if she had any ‘marijuana cookies’ on her. She replied “NO, but does have Cannabis oil & a balm to rub on her spine”.. BOTH are currently ILLEGAL in Aotearoa/NZ

She went on to discuss, moves to use the loopholes in the current law, to bring in prescribed cannabis products, from overseas.. maybe creating ‘buyers clubs’. She also commented on the nonsense that NZ doctors are not being ‘schooled’ in medicinal cannabis & it still requires the minister’s approval, for ALL patients to get the one approved cannabis product (sativex).

She then went on to discuss her Union priorities.. living wage, health & safety in NZ etc. The interviewer asked her if she would consider standing for parliament (if she lives long enough) she replied that she would like to, but does not expect to be around for the next election.. she was smiling the whole time. 🙂

I can only send Helen my praise & best wishes, for all she has done for working people (as a Union boss) & now as a cannabis law reform activist 🙂

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