I just watched a couple of brief TV stories, about Medicinal Cannabis. One was about the first ‘legal cannabis’ brought into NZ, the other seemed to contradict this :

1) as per a recent post.. an American lady who is resident in Aotearoa/NZ, went to Hawaii & got a prescription for medicinal cannabis, to treat her pain condition. Under the recently highlighted loophole in the Drug laws, she brought 4 ounces of the ‘raw herb’ & some cannabis oil back to NZ.
They showed her in Hawaii & explained that medicinal users can grown up to 7 plants, to obtain their medicinal herb. They then showed footage of her arriving in the customs hall, at Auckland International airport (NZ). She declared her ‘medicine’ & showed the paperwork. A customs officer then confirmed it was purely for her medicinal use & she was allowed through. She said; she thought she would be detained for an hour & given the third degree.. but she was not. She said it was likely that they had been advised she was coming & told to not detain her. They closed, with her ‘partaking’ of her medicinal budz 🙂

2) a current affairs show, titled ‘Border Patrol’ about customs at Auckland Int’l airport, showed an American man being thoroughly searched at customs. The customs officer found about 30 grams of Hashish & a few chocolate bars (Kiva brand) with cannabis extracts in. Next a police officer arrived & asked him to explain. The man said he thought it was ‘the same here as the USA’. He pulled out his American cannabis prescription. The Police officer said it was NOT valid here. The man was led away & charged, with importing a Class C illegal drug into NZ. He was reportedly then convicted & fined $1000. He was put on the next plane back to the USA. The ‘drugs’ were reportedly seized & destroyed. 😦

The question being.. why was the lady in the first case allowed to bring her ‘medicine’ in BUT not the man in the second case ?
Surely if section 8 of the legislation, says a patient from another jurisdiction can bring up to one months ‘medicine’ into the country, then the second person should have been allowed in too.. unless his paperwork was NOT actually valid, as he had believed ?! :/

This looked like a total contradiction to I&I

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